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TRESemme Full Finish Hot Air Styler with 3 Brushes

  • 300W
  • 3 interchangeable brush attachments
  • 3 heat settings including cool
  • Curl release button
  • 3 year guarantee

Tresemme Full Finish Air Styler 5265TU is ideal for shaping the hair, as well as adding body and volume; all with a high shine finish to the hair. The curl release button gives styling control for a tangle-free finish. 300W, 3 Heat Settings, 23mm brush attachment, 19mm brush attachment, Vent brush attachment, 1.8mm swivel cord.

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Men’s Double Edge Safety Razor

  • This Double Edged Safety Razor holder accepts all Double Edge Razor Blades
  • This razor makes the perfect gift for the man in your life
  • This closed comb double edged safety razor is the perfect edition to any mans shaving routine.
  • This safety razor is perfect for beginners and experts – a high end razor featuring chrome plating.
  • Money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the product – we will refund your purchase in full.

Benefits of Wet Shaving With a Double Edge Safety Razor

It Is Better For Your Skin

One blade efficiently cutting the hair close to your face is much better than 2/3/4/5 blades pulling your beard.

It is More Economical

Safety Razor blades cost pennies!

It is Better for The Environment

The Knight is a high quality shaving product designed to last a lifetime.

It Makes Shaving a Relaxing Experience

Wet shaving is a marvel in the modern day. You’re taking 10 minutes to yourself distraction free. It’s like a small piece of mindfulness before you go forth and conquer.

High Quality Products

When you start wet shaving, you will be using high quality razor handles. In addition, you will want to use quality artisan soaps and foams.

How to Wet Shave

Try wet shaving during or after a hot shower. This will ensure your beard is soft, and will help prepare your skin. Soak your shaving brush in hot water to soften the bristles. This will ensure a better lather.

Wash Your Face

Manly Stuff recommend cleaning your face with a scrub before shaving.

Apply a Pre-Shave Oil or Balm

A Pre-Shave Oil or Balm will protect the skin from the razor blade whilst softening your beard or stubble.

Apply Shaving Cream or Soap

With the soap or cream, worth up a lather with your shaving brush in a bowl. Apply the lather to your face in a swirling motion.


The angle of the double edge razor is important. You are looking for a 30 degree angle with the razor to your face.

Start slowly, and smoothly draw the razor across your skin. Shave with or across the grain of your beard.

Sooth and Moisturise

After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Apply a soothing and moisturising aftershave balm.

[With UV Sanitiser] Hangsun Water Flosser Dental Care Oral Irrigator HOC300 Family Water Jet with 7 Tips

  • 【Effective】A unique water jet can clean deep between your teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing can not do. It can remove 99.9% of plaque from the treated areas, improving your gum health in a simple and effective way.
  • 【Special UV Sanitize Design】The UV disinfection light can bring you real clean tips for dental care. The integrated UV sanitiser removes the bacteria on your tips, offers a storing solution to help ensure you are maximizing your oral hygiene regimen.
  • 【7 Different Tips】 It ca be customized by changing the tip into something suited for your different use; The water flosser is ideal for those who have braces, bridges, periodontal pockets, sensitive gums, crowns. With the useful UV box, to store tips more convenient and clean.
  • 【Adjustable 10 levels Water Pressure】10 levels of water pressure setting, powerful water jet. What you need is just one or two minutes of daily water flossing with this water flosser.
  • 【1000ml High-Volume Reservoir】With1000ML Big capacity water tank, no need to refill water while working, ideal for family use. This water flosser also comes with a UK shaver plug, one year warranty and friendly customer service.

Compared to string flossers, water flossers are simpler to use, faster, less abrasive and more effective. They can significantly improve your oral hygiene when combined with a regular brushing regimen.

The Hangsun HOC300 water flosser [With UV Sanitiser] is an easier, more effective tool to floss with. This flosser comes with 7 different nozzles to help meet various dental needs and good to share with your families.

The water pressure is adjustable with 10 water pressure levels; it can work with those who have sensitive teeth and gums, and those who want a deep and thorough cleaning. It is more effective than traditional flossing – can removes plaque and bacteria from hard to reach areas where traditional flossing cannot reach.

Take one minute per day for a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth. It’s perfect for anyone with implants or periodontal pockets; a unique water jet can loosens food residues and clean deep between your teeth and below the gum line, removing harmful bacteria and debris in a more effective way than traditional brushing, air flossing, and string flossing. Meanwhile, the UV Sanitizer technology can also offer an effective protection for the nozzles.

Box Contains: •1x Hangsun HOC300 water flosser •7x Tips (3x jet tip,1x tongue cleaner tip,1x pick pocket tip,1x orthodontic tip,1x plaque seeker tip) •1x User manual •1x 2 pin uk shaver plug

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