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Number One Selling Minions Keyring Fart Blaster Gun – Hours Of Enjoyment – Ideal Easter Birthday Christmas Stocking Fillers Xmas Gift Present Idea – Girls Boys Girl Boy Children Child Kids – Age 5+ – Mega Value

Make hilarious fart noises by pressing the trigger on this iconic Minions Fart Gun! The sound of farts makes everyone laugh, and the great thing about this Fart Gun is that its odour free! Compete with chain and keyring to attach to trousers, keys or backpacks. • Press trigger for hilarious fart sounds!

  • Great Entertainment – Minions Key Fob Fart Gun
  • Small & Compact, take it everywhere
  • The classic Joke, guaranteed to get a laugh
  • A Great gift for any Minions fan age 5+
  • Play pranks on your friends & family

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Num Noms Deluxe packs Jelly Bean multicoloured

Nums are adorable, scented, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are motorised mischievous characters that move around and they’re scented too! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make over 1,000 scented combinations. Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes! Collect over 60 flavours with these deluxe packs! The Jelly Bean is perfect for those who have a craving for fruity sweets! You Might Find Ultra Rare Diamond Edition Num Noms in This Deluxe Pack! Mr. & Mrs. Icing Are Hiding in Some Specially Marked Jelly Bean and Brunch Deluxe Packs! The Num Noms smell so delicious! Mix ‘n’ match Nums and Noms to create wacky flavour and scent combos! Watch them scurry around! Includes 5 jelly bean Nums, 2 motorized Noms, 1 jelly bean container, 1 jelly bean accessory, and 1 collector’s menu. Requires 2x LR44 batteries (Included)

  • 6 scented Nums in a variety of scents – Blueberry, Cream Berry, Pino, Kiwi, Raspberry and a mystery scent
  • Includes one Mystery – There is a chance to find the ULTRA RARE Diamond Edition in each pack!! (Note: Mystery Styles will vary)
  • 2 scented motorised Noms flavoured Cherry and Mango
  • Includes collector’s menu, tray and spatula to scoop ’em up
  • Over 1000 mix and match combos to sample!

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