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Metal Gear Survive Save Slot complaints from gamers

There are a number of complaints coming in this week from Metal Gear Survive owners who are unhappy about Konami’s decision to charge players to make use of a second save slot. In other words, if you want to use a second character slot in Metal Gear Survive to have an extra save slot, you will need to pay for the right to use this. Konami has set the pricing at GBP7.99 or £9.99 for a second save slot as this translates to 1100 Survival Coins which you need to pay real money for.

As you can imagine, this hasn’t gone down well at all with the player base and now you should be extra careful when choosing your first character, as if you are unhappy with it later on in the game it won’t be easy to change it unless you cough up with the cash.

You can see an example of just some of the feedback going out on social media at the moment and there is a lot of it. If you have the game, let us know your honest feelings about this. Are you outraged by this decision by Konami or are you willing to slug it out via the daily login bonus to get your hands on the second character slot?

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Pokemon Go Shiny Dratini hunt for Community Day

Pokemon Go Community Day is here and for players across the globe it only means one thing, the chance to hopefully get their hands on and find a Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Go. The only problem right now, is that Niantic has not confirmed if Shiny Dratini has been put into the game along with Dratini as part of the special timed event. This event will give players the chance to catch and evolve a Dratini into Dragonite which will come with the exclusive skill Draco Meteor which you don’t usually see on Dragonite.

How to catch Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Go on Community Day:

The important information you need to remember is that you will only have three hours to get this done, so it is a very rare opportunity that you need to make the most of. If you have a Dratini already, you can still evolve it into Dragonite and get Draco Meteor but it must be within the set three hour time period on February 24.

For the UK this is between 10am and 1pm and for the US this is from 11am to 2pm pacific time or 2PM to 5PM Eastern time. As far as we know, this is the only opportunity to get the special version of Dragonite so make the most of the time slot. We are waiting for confirmation of a shiny Dratini being caught in the wild, so if you see one this weekend or have evidence of it let us know below!

Good luck hunting everyone.

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Overwatch New Hero Emre Sarioglu teased after clues

It looks like Blizzard are getting ready to unveil the 27th new hero for Overwatch. Teasers have started and if the clues are anything to go on we may already have the name and first details on the upcoming character. Blizzard has sent out a very cryptic Tweet this week, revealing that the new character is going to be linked to something known as Operation White Dome.

The Tweet also suggests that players will be travelling to Turkey and it could be the home location of one Emre Sarioglu.

[DECLASSIFIED] After-Action Report: Operation “WHITE DOME” pic.twitter.com/fvnUQQEFDC — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 23, 2018

This character has been name dropped within the Tweet, but at the moment it is unclear as to whether he is just a supporting character in relation to the new hero, or if he is indeed the new hero himself. Either way, we can see that the social media reaction has been very positive so far and fans are very excited on the potential of a Turkish speaking Overwatch hero.

We’ll let you know when more whispers come out, but for now give us your initial reaction to the Tweet and if you would be happy to see a Turkish Hero in Overwatch and what kinds of skills you would love to see.

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