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Aicok Electric Kettle Professional Cordless Kettle 6 Temperature Control Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel Water Kettle, BPA FREE, 1.7L, 2200W

Aicok electric kettles makes it easy to boil water with attractive. The great performance features you’ll appreciate year after year.

 Brewing your different teas at the right temperature makes a world of difference in the taste. Here are all different types of tea and temperatures for you:

 Black tea: 0.5 teaspoon per cup; water temp 95°C ; steep for 3 minutes.

 Green tea: 1 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 65-80°C ; steep for steep 3-4 minutes.

 Oolong: 0.5 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 90°C ; steep for 3-6 minutes.

 White tea: 1 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 80-85°C ; steep for 7-9 minutes.

 Red tea (Pu-erh): 0.5 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 95°C ; steep for 3-7 minutes.

 Yellow tea: 1 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 90°C ; steep for 3 minutes.

 Rooibos: 1 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 95°C ; steep for 3-5 minutes.

 Honeybush: 1 teaspoon per cup ; water temp 95°C ; steep for 5-8 minutes.


 1. Temperature Control allowing you to choose from 6 preset temperatures (40, 60, 70,80, 100 ) for the perfect drink.

 2. Brushed stainless steel with a handle that doesn’t get hot.

 3. Automatic shut off and keep warm function, that will keep the water warm for 2 hours.

 4.Water level indicator – With the water level indicator you can easily read the water level.

 5. Large capacity (1.7 litre)


1. Do not leave still water in the kettle without drying.

 2.Try to immersed the base in vinegar or clean it by lemon juice if it turned to a nasty color


 4. If you meet any question about the lip, please contact us feel free, and we will help you to solve this question. we will give 100% service.

  • PROGRAMMABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL KETTLE – Choose between six different temperatures, varying from 160 Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit! Choose 100C for cup of tea, and 60C for kid with a hot drink, choose 40C to cooking when you need warm water.
  • COOL-TO-TOUCH HANDLE KETTLE – Safety first! When things get hot, the Aicok kettle handle stays cool to your touch. Our handle protects your fingers from accidental burns. And if the water boils out and the kettle starts running dry, it automatically shuts off. Perfect for homes with young children.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL KETTLE – The kettle has a two-hourse keep-warm button(Only Works When Keep-Warm Feature Is On). It also has a three-minute setting memory that’s lightning fast to use, so your water is ready at the temperature you want whenever you need it.
  • 1.7 (8 cup) LITER CAPACITY KETTLE – Water level gauge, 360°swivel power base for cordless convenience; Concealed heating element to prevent scale build up; removable, washable scale filter for cleaner water; Adjustable length cord wraps inside the base to cut down on counter clutter.
  • 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -We are CE certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving safe, efficient, high quality appliances. NOTE: the sound caused by the water boil, and if you found the sound it unnormal, please feel free to contact us.HANDLE WITH TWO COLOR AND RANDOM DELIVERY.

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Aicok Egg Boiler, Multi-functional Electric Egg Cooker, Stainless Steel Egg Steamer with 7 Egg Capacity and Timer – Discounted

Do you struggle to boil the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg?

Aicok is your answer to getting perfectly cooked eggs every time! Whether you fancy a soft boiled, middle or hard boiled, it’ll ensure your meal is perfect every time.Multiple features, multiple options:

About our button:From left to right: Medium egg keep warm, Hard egg keep warm, Soft egg cooking , Medium egg cooking, Hard egg cooking. You can according to your needs, choose a different degree.With a Personalized design cup, so that make your cooking process more easily, simple:This cup is divided into three parts, respectively: soft , medium, hard.The following are corresponding to different tick marks. Different amounts of eggs, corresponding to different amounts of water. If you want hard egg, you can be added directly to the top of the tick line.

Attention please:Please read the instruction manual carefully and follow all safety instructions before use.Check whether the voltage indicated on the rating label is consistent with your outlet’s voltage.To avoid cracking of the egg shells during cooking, use the egg pin (located at the bottom of the measuring cup) and make several small holes on the bigger end of the eggs’ outer shell.Careful remove the lid by grabbing the plastic tab on top. Remove the lid away from your body and face to avoid any burns from the hot steam.As the egg boiler is designed to bottom half of the heating, so after use may be found at the bottom of the scale of the phenomenon of more than one side, you can use white vinegar or detergents to clean.

Technical details:Voltage:220 voltsFrequency:50 HzPower: 400 watts

Delivery:1 x Egg Cooker1 x Measuring Cup1 x Egg Holder1 x Instruction Manual

  • EASY & FAST – The egg cooker can boiled eggs conveniently 1 to 7 eggs in minutes, just add water, eggs, and plug it in. You can choose from soft, medium or hard-boiled, heats up so quickly and easy.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL EGG COOKER – Not only steam eggs to hard-boiled perfection, but also use the BPA-free bowl (not included) to cook your eggs and steam vegetables and other food items.
  • HIGH-TECH & HIGH QUALITY – The egg cooker circulating heating: 360 steam cycle, heat evenly. 304 Stainless steel boiling plate,boiled eggs can be kept fresh and nutritious.
  • SAFETY & INTELLIGENCE – When the the egg cooker’s water boils dry, the heating element will switch off, and sounds a buzzer to let you know that they are done. Piercing pin on the bottom of measuring cup prevents shells from cracking.
  • 24 MONTH WARRANTY – Our egg cooker have 2 years of quality assurance, so that you do not have to worry about after-sale

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