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The best camping chairs

There’s nothing quite like settling into your favorite camping chair after enjoying a day exploring the outdoors. But finding that perfect chair isn’t always easy, as there are a variety of price points and features to consider when purchasing. The best options are lightweight and easy to transport while remaining comfortable no matter how long you sit in them.

They also need to be durable enough to withstand the elements and hold their balance on a variety of different terrains. We’ve combed through the sea of available options to create our own list of the very best camping chairs for use in the backyard, campsite, or just about any other location. We’ve picked our favorites and sorted them by category so you can find the perfect match.

If you’re also looking for something to keep you comfortable once it’s time to hit the hay, our list of the best sleeping bags should help too.

Our pick

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Why should you buy this: The Coleman Quad chair has a winning combination — it’s durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with CoolerWith its tall back and padded seat, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair has everything you need for a comfortable evening around the campfire

Who’s it for: Car campers or homeowners looking for a roomy, comfortable outside chair that won’t break the bank. How much will it cost: £30 Why we picked the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler:

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is the Cadillac of camping chairs. It has a long back and roomy seat that’s padded for comfortable lounging around a campfire. Did we mention it also features a built-in cooler?

You can use a small freezer block with two cans, or fit up to four cans alone in the insulated holder. Before you throw £15 at a cheap camping chair, you should seriously consider spending a little extra for this Coleman model. It folds easily and is made with a rugged steel frame and durable fabric that outlasts any discount chair you might find from a knock-off model.

Besides, it’s hard to argue with the £30 price tag, making the Coleman Quad one of the best values around.

The best chair for the campground

GCI Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker Chair

Why should you buy this: The GCI Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker chair is well-constructed, easy to carry, and offers a chance for you to rock back and forth by a campfire.

The best chair for the campgroundGCI Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker ChairGCI’s Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker is a lightweight, inexpensive camp chair perfect for those weekends spent car camping.

Who’s it for: Specifically designed for use at the campsite, this chair is meant for car campers. How much will it cost: £50 Why we picked the GCI Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker Chair:

New for 2018, GCI’s Outdoor RoadTrip Rocker Chair has ultra-comfy padded armrests and mesh in the back to offer ventilation on hot summer days. It’s unique Spring Action Rocking Technology allows you to enjoy the relaxation of rocking back and forth even while you’re out in the woods. It features a sturdy frame with strong legs yet it isn’t overly bulky when folded into its bag.

Additionally, GCI included a handy beverage pocket so you can crack a cold one during the summer or cozy up in winter with a hot cocoa around the campfire. For £50, it’s a reasonable price for a high-quality, all-around solid camp chair.

The best chair for the backyard

Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Why should you buy this: The Alps Mountaineering King Kong chair is one of the sturdiest and most padded camping chairs available.

The best chair for the backyardAlps Mountaineering King Kong ChairThe Alps Mountaineering King Kong chair lives up to its name with a remarkable 800-pound weight limit and a luxurious, roomy design.

Who’s it for: Those with a spacious backyard who want a throne beside the campfire. How much will it cost: £64

Why we picked the Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair: The Alps Mountaineering King Kong chair is a camping chair that takes comfort to the next level. As soon as you hunker down, you’ll quickly realize why the company named this model the King Kong.

The chair is among the largest and strongest on the market, capable of holding up to 800 pounds. It also features padding to the max, with a fabric which remains taut and doesn’t sag while sitting. Pushing the scales at 13 pounds, this burly chair is heavy and not suitable for carrying over longer distances.

Instead, it makes a better option for use in the backyard as opposed to a backpacking trip or outdoor concert. At £64, the King Kong is pricier than most other models but if you are looking for a durable chair for use on the patio or back deck, it can’t be beaten.

The best chair for backpacking

REI Co-Op Flexlite Chair

Why should you buy this: The ultralight REI Co-Op Flexlite chair gives you a good reason to bring a chair with you on your backcountry adventures.

The best chair for backpackingREI Co-Op Flexlite ChairREI’s Co-Op Flexlite is the perfect backpacking companion, no matter how many days are spent in the backcountry.

Who’s it for: Backpackers who want more than a log to sit on when they break for camp and don’t mind carrying extra weight in exchange for a comfortable place to sit. How much will it cost: £80

Why we picked the REI Co-op Flexlite Chair: Carrying a chair into the backcountry is no longer a crazy idea thanks to minimalist chairs like the REI Co-op Flexlite. This model is constructed using an ultralight, folding aluminum frame with a simple but effective four-leg design.

It weighs a svelte 1 pound, 10 ounces and packs down so small it takes up almost no room in a backpack. So, what do you sacrifice for the convenience of stuffing a comfortable chair into your pack? To keep it light, the Flexlite has zero padding, meaning it’s not nearly as comfortable as its full-featured counterparts — such as our top pick, the Coleman Quad.

The convenience of carrying a chair comes with a cost as well: The Flexlite is priced at £80, making it one of the more expensive options on our list.

The best chair for kids

REI Co-Op Camp Chair for kids

Why should you buy this: Kids need camp chairs too!

The best chair for kidsREI Camp Chair for kidsDurable enough to last for years and suitable for a variety of purposes, the REI camp chair for kids is a must-have for camping families.

Who’s it for: Parents who want a stable and durable chair that’ll support children from toddlers to teens. How much will it cost: £25 Why we picked the REI Co-Op Camp Chair for kids:

Kids are tough on chairs — they are as likely to stand in a chair as they are to sit in it, which is why we recommend the REI Co-Op Camp Chair for outdoorsy families. Unlike the cheap, child-sized chairs at big-box retailers, REI’s kids chair is made with a durable frame material and fabric that provides years of usage. It’s also designed to be stable, so kids doing cartwheels in the chair won’t topple over into a heap.

Similar to its adult-sized counterparts, the REI camp chair is equipped with a cup holder and folds quickly for transport. It even has a carry strap that makes it easy for older kids to carry it themselves.

The best reclining chair

GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner Chair

Why should you buy this: The GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner chair is versatile, combining the best features of a recliner with the convenience of a camping chair.

The best reclining chairGCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner ChairThe GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner chair combines the comfort of a chair and adds the versatility of a recliner.

Who’s it for: The GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner chair is ideal for the campground camper looking for one that goes from conversation time to nap time in an instant. How much will it cost: £65

Why we picked the GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner Chair: The GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner chair is a favorite among testers because of its ability to recline. With the simple slip of a strap, this chair easily adjusts so that users can sit back for a nap or to better soak up the sun.

Similar to the company’s stadium chairs, the GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner uses a back strap adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the recliner to an angle that best suits your needs. The GCI model remains solidly in the chair category as it’s only the back of the chair that actually reclines. There is no movable footrest, which means you get the advantage of being able to lie back without all the extra space and weight that comes with a full head and foot recliner.

The best luxury chair

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

Why should you buy this: The brand-new Yeti Hondo Base Camp chair is the toughest chair on the market by far and extremely comfortable to boot.

The best luxury chairYeti Hondo Base Camp ChairYeti’s Hondo Base Camp is the Cadillac of camp chairs, offering supreme comfort backed by high-quality durability.

Who’s it for: The Yeti Hondo Base Camp chair is for the outdoorsy person who hosts backyard barbecue and wants the cream of the camping chair crop.

How much will it cost: £299 Why we picked the Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair: Made by the same high-end brand that makes uber-durable coolers, the Yeti Hondo Base Camp chair is a brand-new camp chair that’s nearly impossible to break.

Built to last forever, you can rest assured you’re never going to put your hand through the seat and watch fabric shred, or accidentally drop it while loading the car and dent the metal in the legs. The chair is constructed with top-of-the-line, premium materials — the same fabric used in climbing harnesses and the same aluminum used in mountain bikes. The supremely strong DoubleBarrel frame has two layers of aluminum alloy reinforcement to make it exceptionally stable without a hint of wobble.

Put plainly, sitting in it feels like heaven. With Yeti’s EasyBreathe mesh and FlexGrid technology, there are virtually no pressure points digging into your seat. Just smooth and cushy comfort.

The best hanging chair

Eno Lounger Hanging Chair

Why should you buy this: The Eno Lounger hanging chair is a lightweight alternative to a traditional chair that rates high on the comfort scale.

The best hanging chairENO Lounger Hanging ChairThe Eno Lounger delivers the comfort of a hammock in the form factor of a chair.

Who’s it for: Campers who prefer to hang instead of reclining.

How much will it cost: £120 Why we picked the Eno Lounger Hanging Chair: The Eno Lounger Hanging Chair provides a comfortable alternative to the traditional camp chair.

Instead of sitting on the ground, the Eno Lounger allows you to hang from a tree much like a hammock. Also similar to a hammock, the hanging chair is comfortable thanks to the chair’s ripstop nylon fabric, which is breathable and provides adequate back support. It even has an integrated footrest for those times you want to recline instead of just sitting.

While a hammock uses two attachment points, the Lounger Hanging Chair has a single, overhead attachment ring which suspends from a branch. You’ll need to pick a sturdy one to support your weight, which is the product’s biggest drawback. Many campgrounds clear the branches from a campsite, making it difficult to find a place to hang.

You can bring it backpacking but you may not want to carry an extra 3 pounds just for a chair.

How we test

When possible, we field test our chair recommendations across a variety of terrains and weather conditions. We try to test each chair under the conditions in which it figures to be most frequently used. When testing a chair is not possible, we look at the features of the chair and compare it to existing models in our arsenal of gear.

We examine how the chair has changed and what improvements, if any, were made for the current year.

We also comb through product specifications and both manufacturer and retailer videos for insight into any new technological advances developed for these latest and greatest camping chairs.

Editors’ Recommendations

The best electric bikes

As our thoroughfares become increasingly crowded with automotive traffic, more cities are making biking around town safer and more accessible to citizens. Needless to say, these massive city planning efforts are showing plenty of return on investment. From 2000 to 2010, the number of bicycle commuters increased by 40 percent across the United States, and these numbers were as high as 77 percent in some cities, according to Forbes.

The biking industry has boomed in recent years as manufacturers look to capitalize with increasingly nuanced styles. That said, the electric bike movement has taken the biking industry by storm, as individuals look to add little pedal-assistance to their daily commutes and casual weekend outings. An ebike is certainly quite the initial economic investment, however, when considered alongside the annual costs of fueling, insuring, and maintaining an automobile, an ebike literally pays for itself over time.

Here are five of the best electric bikes currently on the market.

Our pick

Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0

Why should you buy this? The Turbo Vado 6.0 is one of the most capable ebikes we’ve tested.

The best electric mountain bikeSpecialized Turbo Vado 6.0The Turbo Vado is a versatile ebike without the bulk of most other electric builds.

Who it’s for? Anyone looking for more than a casual commuter. How much will it cost? £4,800 Why we chose the Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0:

We had the opportunity to take the Specialized Turbo Vado for a spin in Palo Alto last year and the model is still our pick for top ebike on the market. Utilizing a 350-watt motor and 604-watt-hour lithium-ion battery, the Turbo Vado is capable of traveling up to 80 miles on a single charge, which should be more than enough for your daily commute and then some. Built by a company that has been making cycling equipment for more than 40 years, the Vado feels a lot more like a traditional bike than most other ebikes.

Its frame and components have been tuned to provide a familiar experience, making it easier for both new riders and long-time cyclists to just jump on and start pedaling. Specialized’s heritage shines through nicely here, helping to separate itself from the competition in the increasingly crowded ebike market. Out on the road, it takes just a couple of turns of the pedals activates the Vado’s motor and gets it up to speed.

In Turbo mode – the bike’s highest level of pedal-assist – the Vado can reach speeds of to 28 miles per hour, after which the electric drive system will automatically shut off to conserve power. A built-in LED readout on the handlebars allows riders to monitor battery life, check their current speed, and track calories burned and distance traveled as well. The Turbo Vado Mission Control app (iOS/Android) also connects to the bike via Bluetooth and allows riders to further tune their ride and adjust the bike’s settings.

We ran the Vado through the gauntlet — including some of the steepest hills in Palo Alto — and the bike easily handled everything we threw at it, maintaining a steady 20 mph speed even on the most daunting of ascents. The bike handles incredibly well on the downhills too and is both nimble and quick on city streets and paved trails. It is even comfortable to ride for extended distances, which is vitally important for any bike built for urban settings.

It’s important to note that the Vado is custom-tuned for city riding, making it a great choice for daily commutes to and from the office or running errands on the weekend. That said, if you’re looking for an ebike for more difficult terrain, there are other options on this list better suited to that task. Read more about the Specialized Turbo Vado here.

The best electric mountain bike

Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0

Why should you buy this? Relatively lightweight, affordable, and capable, this is a great all-around mountain bike.

The best electric mountain bikeHaibike SDURO HardNine 4.0The Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0 is built to dominate the trail.

Who it’s for? Year-round mountain bike enthusiasts.

How much will it cost? £2,600 Why we chose the Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0: Electric mountain bikes have garnered a lot of attention for their ability to help riders go higher, further, and faster on the trail.

As a result, there have been some impressive new eMTB models to hit the market in recent years, making it easier than ever to head off-road. Our favorite is the Haibike SDURO HardNine, which comes equipped with a 350-watt Bosch Performance CX drive and a 500 watt-hour battery. This gives it a range of up to 70 miles, along with a top speed of 20 mph, which is plenty fast on singletrack.

Haibike ships the HardNine with 29-inch tires, 180-millimeter hydraulic disc brakes, a 100-millimeter front suspension fork, and a nine-speed Shimano shifting system. The bike’s LCD readout is affixed to the handlebars and displays the current speed, level of charge, remaining range, and current pedal assist mode. The company says the battery can be completely recharged in just four hours, minimizing downtime between rides.

Fast and fun on the trail, the SDURO HardNine handles rough terrain with ease, while its large tires roll over most obstacles without missing a beat. The pedal assist makes for quick, energy-saving climbing and the bike descends surprisingly well, too. Its front suspension provides a nice level of cushion on bumpy trails and while we missed having a full-suspension on this model, that would have added additional weight and costs.

Priced at just £2,600, the Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0 is easier on the pocketbook than most other e-mountain bikes, while still delivering great performance. That makes it easy to recommend as an all-mountain ride for a wide variety of mountain bikers.

The best commuter electric bike

Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame

Why should you buy this? Built for the urban commuter, this bike is fast, comfortable, and features great range.

The best commuter electric bikeRaleigh Redux IE Diamond FrameYou’ll be able to travel from home to the office or run errands in style with the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame.

Who it’s for? Inner city commuters. How much will it cost? £2,699

Why we chose the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame: Another bike that comes our way courtesy of a traditional bike maker, the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame was built from the ground up for urban commuting. With its clean, simple design, this is an electric bike that doesn’t look like an ebike, yet still delivers impressive performance on the road.

Powered by a 250-watt Brose Centerdrive system, the Redux is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph, which comes in handy when dodging traffic. Its 36-volt lithium-ion battery provides enough juice to give the bike a range of up to 80 miles between recharges, making it a great option for daily commuters. Raleigh even outfitted the bike with wide tires which provide stability and traction, even when the road gets wet.

Other key features include a 10-speed Shimano crankset and shifters and a built-in LCD screen that displays all the usual information. The Redux’s stealthy design manages to hide the bike’s battery in the downtube, which helps conceal the fact that it’s an ebike on first glance. This gives it a more traditional look that should appeal to riders who aren’t overly enamored with the chunky style of other ebikes.

It also helps make the bike a bit more nimble, too.

The best electric road bike

Giant Road E+1

Why should you buy this? The Giant Road E+1 is an elegant touring option.

The best commuter electric bikeGiant Road E+1You’ll be able to travel from home to the office or run errands in style with the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame.

Who it’s for? Road bike enthusiasts. How much will it cost? £4,130 Why we chose the Giant Road E+1:

While the idea of a pedal-assisted road bike may seem counterintuitive, during lengthier training sessions, a touch of added power helps prevent overall muscle fatigue and injury. Similarly, individuals looking to enjoy longer scenic routes will appreciate the general boost an electric drive provides. With a top speed of 28 mph, the Road E+1 uses three power modes to give you ultimate control over your ride and assistance level.

A four-point sensory system monitors the pedaling force allowing the motor to amplify your movements seamlessly. One of our favorite features with the Road E+1 is the ergonomic Ride Control EVO command station. Unlike other control centers, this display is mounted onto the handlebars front-and-center, keeping the controls literally at your fingertips.

At higher speeds, balance is key and this module enables control over the system and the fork at all times. Giant didn’t skimp on traditional cycling components for the E+1, either. The bike comes equipped with an 11-speed Shimano crankset, hydraulic disc brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

It also features an aggressive geometry designed for road riding and ships with a fast-charger to keep the electric motor powered up. The frame itself incorporates a series of mounts allowing you to easily trick-out the Road E+1 with a rack, fenders, or panniers to more aptly meet your touring requirements. Again, most touring purists will certainly scoff at the mere notion of pedal-assistance, however, individuals looking for more of a guided tour and less of a tour de force will swoon over the Road E+1.

The best budget option electric bike

Espin Sport Black

Why should you buy this? The Espin Sport is a solid economic ebike option.

The best budget option electric bikeeSpin Sport BlackThe Espin Sport is an exceptionally practical ebike priced under £2,000.

Who it’s for? Those looking to test the ebike waters without breaking the bank.

How much will it cost? £1,888 Why we chose the Espin Sport Black: Purchasing an ebike can be a rather hefty initial investment, and there are dozens of worthy makes and models to choose from.

That said, some individuals may desire a solid pedal-assistance model without a bevy of extra frills and the Espin Sport is our top budget-specific pick. Overall, the Epsin has a no-nonsense, blue-collar build we absolutely love. It utilizes a 20-inch diamond frame that looks and feels like a traditional road bike.

A sturdy, rear-mounted luggage rack stows up to 55 pounds of cargo, which should be more than enough for a trip to the store, commute to the office, or a short day trip. The Espin is powered by a 350-watt motor that’s rated for trips up to 50 miles (depending on the terrain and assist level). Once depleted, the battery fully charges in roughly five hours.

Thankfully, Espin makes it easy to remove the battery, allowing you to quickly recharge it at home or in the office between trips. A backlit LCD control hub displays your basic metrics and battery life while in transit and LED headlights add a touch of light when needed. Yes, there are less expensive ebike models on the market, but most come with some serious caveats.

The Espin Sport delivers on the full promise of an electric bike, but in a more affordable fashion. This bike isn’t going to tow you around for a 60-mile round-trip endeavor but those seeking their first ebike will get plenty of bang for their buck from this model. Read more about the Espin Sport here.

The best eco-conscious off-road electric bike

Cake Kalk

Why should you buy this? If you enjoy getting out in nature on two wheels and you’re concerned about the environment.

The best electric mountain bikeCake’s Kalk is an off-road ebike that’s silent, clean, and just a blast to ride.

Who’s it for? Serious off-road riders who are looking for a silent ride.

How much will it cost? £14,000 Why we chose the Cake Kalk: The electric bike revolution has officially crossed over into the realm of off-road motorbikes.

If you like riding out in nature, Cake introduces a product that allows you to be respectful of the environment and other riders around you. Cake’s Kalk is a silent off-road motorbike that releases no emissions into the atmosphere. The electric motor means no gear changing or clutching — a silent motorbike that won’t detract from the experience of others. The best part?

Cake avoided any sacrifice in performance. Kalk reaches speeds of fifty miles per hour and features three distinct driving modes. The first mode is called Discover and is ideal for those just getting their feet wet.

The second is its Explore mode, designed for longer, more exciting rides. The third is Excite mode, which allows for optimum power and acceleration, perfect for executing wheelies and performing tricks. In addition, Kalk weighs under 155 pounds — less than half of traditional motorbikes.

Cake customized parts of the drivetrain and implemented an interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor. On a single charge, the bike travels up to 50 miles. As a bonus feature, maintenance is minimal due to the fact there are few moving parts thanks to its lack of a combustion engine.

The Cake Kalk is currently available for pre-order.

Editors’ Recommendations

Smoove and its hybrid ebikes may be taking over Paris soon

Bike-sharing has long been a popular mode of transportation in Europe, and now, one company is making it easier still to move from Point A to Point B in an eco-friendly manner. The French company Smoove has launched a new project that will add 24,000 smart ebikes to the company’s global fleet. Smoove bikes have already been deployed across the world, with cities including Vancouver, Canada; Marrakesh, Morocco; Helsinki, Finland, and Moscow boasting the company’s communal bike system.

And now, the greater region of Paris will receive an additional 24,000 bikes as well as 1,400 new stations. All of this is expected to take place within the first quarter of 2018. Smoove’s strategy is an interesting one, as it doesn’t necessarily involve deploying tens of thousands of brand-new bikes.

Rather, as Clean Technica reports, the idea is to introduce a new smart ebike hybrid by way of the company’s Smoove Box. This technology claims to convert existing bikes into smart and electrified versions by installing a battery in the frame and tacking a motor onto the front wheel. And as ever, these bikes will be capable of being locked at the docking station where they recharge.

In order to take a ride on a Smoove bike, you’ll either need to have a card (like the ones currently used in many mass transportation networks), or an NFC-enabled smartphone, or an access code. Once you’ve paid for and unlocked your bike, the road is yours. Smoove is also introducing a “parking overflow” feature, which will allow users to park their bikes even if docking stations are fully occupied.

The ebikes will be secured using a Neiman-type steering lock, as well as an internal cable lock. It is so far unclear exactly what the pricing structure of the new ebikes will be, but with plans for deployment quickly approaching, it seems that we’ll find out soon. Thus far, Smoove has made moves in 13 countries and 26 cities, has 8,500 self-service bike spots in play, and a total of 460 ebike stations.

The hope is that there will soon be Smoove solutions the world over, leading to a far more eco-friendly future.

Editors’ Recommendations

Lyft follows Uber into bike sharing, beginning in Baltimore

Just a couple of weeks after Uber revealed it was getting into the bike-sharing game, Lyft, too, is hopping onto the two-wheelers. While Uber tests out a scheme in San Francisco with ebike company Jump, Lyft’s debut effort involves a partnership with the city-operated Baltimore Bike Share scheme in Maryland. The company more famous for rides in cars than on bikes is investing £270,000 in Baltimore’s scheme.

The initial three-year deal allows Lyft to put its branding onto five of the city’s busiest bike-sharing stations that will also act as quick and convenient pick-up and drop-off zones for Lyft riders. Commenting on the company’s first foray into bike sharing, Lyft’s Mike Heslin said in a statement, “Whether someone is taking a Lyft ride from the suburbs to the city and hopping on a bike around downtown, or taking a bike to one of these hubs and meeting a Lyft driver for a trip to the other side of town, the multimodal transportation future is very bright for Baltimore.” Both the Lyft app and the Baltimore Bike Share app will feature information on each other’s services, but you won’t be able to rent a bike via the Lyft app, nor request a car ride via the bike app.

A launch promotion (use code BBS2018) gives Lyft users a 50 percent discount for up to two rides to or from any of the five designated stations between now and February 28, 2018. Individuals can also redeem the promotional code “Lyft” within the Bike Share app for a free one-month bike-share membership. Baltimore launched its bike-sharing system in 2016 and claims to have the largest electric-assist bicycle fleet in North America.

Hundreds of bikes are available from around 50 stations dotted about the city, and riders can use the service around the clock

“Lyft’s partnership supports the growth and sustainability of the system infrastructure throughout Baltimore City,” Michelle Pourciau, director of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, said in a statement. “This unique collaboration helps to address traffic congestion in Baltimore and represents our commitment for a multimodal city with fewer vehicles on our roadways.”

Lyft says the partnership fits with its long-term goal “to reduce individual car ownership and to redesign cities around people, not cars.” If its first bike-share scheme sees its investment pay off with more people signing up to its ride-sharing service, look out for similar Lyft-backed efforts across the country.

Editors’ Recommendations

Here to revolutionize your commute is Bird, a new escooter sharing company

The bikes of the future are looking more and more like the bikes of your past. We’re talking, of course, about the renaissance of the scooter, which seems to have hit a new stride now that it’s found electricity. Escooters seem to be popping up all over the country these days and have become so popular that a number of companies are now looking to offer escooter sharing systems.

The latest to enter the scene is Bird, a company founded by a man who knows a little something about mobility solutions. His name is Travis VanderZanden, who was previously the vice president of growth at Uber, and previous to that, the chief operating officer of Lyft. But now, he is on his own, and launching a new company that doesn’t offer car services, but rather scooter services.

Bird is based in Santa Monica, California, and over the course of the last six months, VanderZanden has launched around 1,000 of these escooters around the city. So far, he tells TechCrunch, 50,000 people have taken around 250,000 rides. Getting started on Bird ought to be pretty easy.

New riders need a driver’s license and a credit card number (which they enter into the Bird app). Once that is done, you are charged £1 to unlock the scooter and an additional 15 cents for each minute. You will be able to go as far as the scooter can take you and at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

Apparently, some folks have made Birds take them all the way to Los Angeles International Airport, while others have ridden from Santa Monica into downtown L.A. (about a 15.5-mile commute). For the time being, the dockless escooters are only available from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Once that timeframe is up, Bird employees collect the scooters to clear them off the streets, and then replace them in front of coffee houses and other small businesses, as requested, beginning early the next morning.

So far, Bird seems to be doing quite well. The company managed to close a £15 million Series A funding round. “People are taking notice of how quickly Bird is growing,” VanderZanden said, noting that a number of copycat companies have already popped up. “Preventing car ownership is the goal of all these companies.

I think if all of us are successful, that’s fine.”

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