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Metal Gear Survive Save Slot complaints from gamers

There are a number of complaints coming in this week from Metal Gear Survive owners who are unhappy about Konami’s decision to charge players to make use of a second save slot. In other words, if you want to use a second character slot in Metal Gear Survive to have an extra save slot, you will need to pay for the right to use this. Konami has set the pricing at GBP7.99 or £9.99 for a second save slot as this translates to 1100 Survival Coins which you need to pay real money for.

As you can imagine, this hasn’t gone down well at all with the player base and now you should be extra careful when choosing your first character, as if you are unhappy with it later on in the game it won’t be easy to change it unless you cough up with the cash.

You can see an example of just some of the feedback going out on social media at the moment and there is a lot of it. If you have the game, let us know your honest feelings about this. Are you outraged by this decision by Konami or are you willing to slug it out via the daily login bonus to get your hands on the second character slot?

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Samsung Galaxy S9 pictures leaked before MWC 2018

If you wanted to get your hands on some last minute Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks, look no further than from Samsung themselves, as it looks like the company has revealed the final design of their upcoming release earlier than planned. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled during MWC 2018 on Sunday February 25, but thanks to the Unpacked 2018 app which is available to download now we can get our first glimpse of the official design. Check out the image below courtesy of XDA Developers who have uncovered these 3D renders within the app showing you what the Galaxy S9 will look like in the flesh.

We have seen plenty of leaks over the last few weeks, but now this one comes direct from Samsung so now you can know for sure what design the S9 will have. Do you like the design or do you think it is too similar to the S8?

Features will include a 5.8-inch display with a 2960 x 1440 resolution, 4GB of RAM, repositioned rear fingerprint scanner, 12MP rear camera and a Snapdragon 845 processor for US versions. We don’t have long to wait to see this live on stage for the first time, so give us your reaction to the design below – will you be upgrading? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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How to update your Google Pixel Buds

Google is in the process of rolling out an update to its wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds (£159.00 at Amazon.com). I first learned of the update via a post on Reddit, and like the rest of the users commenting on the thread, grew curious as to what had changed and how to apply the update.

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I reached out to Google and here’s what I learned: The update was first pushed out to Pixel Buds users on Monday, Feb.

5. The update fixes issues with fast pairing and phone call volume.

As for the process, it’s all done without you. Continue to use your Pixel Buds as you normally do. The update will download in the background, and the next time you place your Pixel Buds in the case the Pixel Buds will install the new firmware.

You will receive an alert on your phone after the update has been successfully installed.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

A couple of weeks after the initial update was scheduled for release, my Pixel Buds have finally installed it. Version number 1.1767.6040-G1-61495-541 is what I am now using. As others had reported, a small alert was the only clue that anything had changed.

You can check the firmware version of your Pixel Buds by launching Google Assistant and select Headphone Settings when your Pixel Buds are connected to your Android phone.

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce is coming back, but it might be a trap

In a really predictable turn of events, McDonald’s is capitalizing on the madness of “Rick & Morty” and Szechuan Sauce and maybe, kind of, sort of, might release the sauce wide for the first time in years. (If you’re confused why this sauce has a cult following, here’s some background on how Adult Swim made the 1998 Mulan tie-in sauce the Holy Grail of its show.)

We heard you and have been working tirelessly to bring back The Sauce. On 2/22, we announce when/where Szechuan Sauce will return, but also answer the burning question: “What happened to The Sauce?!” To find out, visit https://t.co/Gcrq5kM71E or download the podcast series. pic.twitter.com/ezHbAqL82i

— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) February 20, 2018

OK, so, it’s tied to promotion for a podcast. And yes, it’s still completely unclear when or even if you and I will truly get a chance to try the famed (fabled?

I mean, can anyone confirm it even actually exists at this point?) sauce.

The sauce was re-released in October to some seriously angry fans, and after the madness that ensued, Mickey D’s said it would bring back the Szechuan.

Still unknown: The state of a “Rick & Morty” fourth season — while we’re dreaming of things, maybe they’ll release that news Feb.

22 as well.

Swype discontinues its keyboard app for Android and iOS

Swype Keyboard The popular third-party keyboard app known as Swype is no longer up and running, XDA Developers reports. Owned by Nuance Communications, the company confirmed it’s discontinuing the app for both Android and iOS.

While Swype is similar to many of the other keyboard apps on the market today, it led the way for swipe-gesture typing. When using the Swype keyboard, you were able to type one-handed by swiping your finger along the keys without having to lift it. The feature was originally built into smartphones but was then released as an app for both iOS and Android — it has since been pulled from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

A user had taken to Reddit to share an email from Nuance support in reference to Swype crashing on their Pixel 2. In response, Nuance explained that Swype+Dragon for Android has faced the end of development and will no longer be receiving updates. Even though the Reddit post confirmed the discontinuation of Swype for Android, the response didn’t clarify whether the same meant iOS.

XDA Developer discovered another announcement from Nuance that confirmed the iOS version of the app was also coming to an end. But the end of Swype means Nuance is able to focus more on its other projects. The company is no longer involved in the direct-to-consumer business in an effort to concentrate on developing artificial intelligence solutions for the business-to-business space.

Some of the A.I. solutions Nuance is working on are specifically targeted for the medical space, which uses speech recognition technology to translate to text. Using its Dragon Dictation technology, the software can translate a doctor’s voice into the patient’s electronic health record. Nuance also provides A.I. solutions within the automotive space as well.

With Dragon Drive, users have an automative assistant that uses A.I. to get to know the driver. It can discover specific traits and preferences such as the types of restaurants the driver would like to stop at on their way home, along with calendar entries or best routes. But the end for Swype doesn’t mean the end for other keyboard apps that allow you to glide your finger across the screen while typing out texts.

Both iPhone and Android users can download other third-party apps such as GBoard, SwiftKey, and more.

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