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Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R x 50 – 4.7 GB – storage media (Manf Part Code: 43… – Mega Price

Verbatim DVDR/RW uses MKM/Verbatims technology which ensures any recording to be of a superior quality. Verbatim�s R&D combined with its strong coorperation with drive manufacturers ensures the broad compatibility of Verbatims discs making them ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music. Don�t accept an unreliable imitation, buy the name you can trust to store your precious data securely. Verbatim optical media is high-quality and great value, with an extremely low failure rate, so represents excellent value for money.

Since its foundation Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. Today Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in the data storage industry. Customer-driven, Verbatim is known for adding considerable product value – above and beyond its competitors – to established media technology. Along with its technological innovations, Verbatim is recognized universally for its superior manufacturing practices. This commitment to quality translates into consistent product performance and reliability.

Verbatim 50PK 47GB DVDR White Thermal 43755 Verbatim Data Media


  • Verbatim
  • 43755
  • 3/6 selectable DMX channels.
  • DMX, master/slave, auto, manual and sound active modes.
  • 4x 3W tri-colour LEDs (R, G, B).

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iPhones are now part of cops’ crime-fighting kit in New York City

The cops of New York City have a new crime-fighting tool — the iPhone. Having finally decided that Windows-based phones aren’t the future, the New York Police Department is now in the process of ditching its Lumia handsets and replacing them with thousands of Apple-made devices. The iPhones-for-cops plan was first revealed last summer, and this week the New York Daily News reported that the transition is now well and truly underway.

Officers have been dropping by an old police academy in Manhattan to swap their Lumia for an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. With some 36,000 officers waiting to get their hands on the new phone, it’s clearly going to take some time to complete the changeover, though police in the Bronx and Staten Island are already getting to grips with their new device. NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Information and Technology Jessica Tisch told the Daily News they’re giving out around 600 iPhones a day, adding that they’re seeing “a lot of excitement” among cops collecting their new handset.

New York’s finest are using their smartphones for a number of tasks, including filling out crime reports and receiving videos and surveillance pictures of wanted suspects. When responding to calls, the device also provides officers with any criminal history connected to an address, which may give them a better idea of what to expect when they arrive. Officer Christopher Clampitt told the Daily News that these days, 911 dispatches often come over the phone before the department radio, adding that an alert to his 911 app last year helped him and his partner to reach a robbery that was in progress, enabling them to stop it and make an arrest.

Clampitt said that if they’d waited for the radio, the response time would’ve been slower and the suspect could’ve escaped.

The police department won’t be forking out any extra cash for its new handsets as it’s defined as a hardware upgrade, according to the terms of its AT&T contract.

While the cops seemed happy with the way the Lumia 830 and 640 XL phones helped them with their daily duties, Microsoft last year ended support for the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system that powered them, prompting the NYPD to consider an alternative device.

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In case you were wondering, the mushroom on Toad is part of his head

Nintendo has offered up disturbing factoids about its many game series in the past, including the truth behind Mario’s treatment of Yoshi, but there are none that prepared us for the company’s latest revelation. In a special developer video, Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed that the mushroom “hat” sitting on Toad’s head isn’t a hat at all — it’s part of the creature’s head. “So that, as it turns out, is actually Toad’s head,” Koizumi said when asked by fans. “I’m going to have to leave it to all of you to figure out exactly how that works out.

Maybe there’s something inside.” Given the size of the growth and Toad’s lack of extraordinary intelligence, we can only assume he uses it to store the maps and other goodies he prepares for Mario during his adventures. The debate on whether or not Toad is wearing a hat has gone back for years, particularly because of an episode of an old Super Mario Bros. cartoon where he can be seen taking it off, revealing a few strands of hair underneath.

This is hardly considered canonical material, and Super Mario Odyssey often shows Toad wearing a hat on top of the mushroom. Were it actually a hat, this would be a little bizarre. During the same developer video, Koizumi also addressed another point of contention: Mario’s lack of belly button.

Ever since Mario’s nipples were revealed leading up to Odyssey‘s release, fans were left wondering why he didn’t have a belly button, as well. Was he human? Did he have a mother?

As it turns out, Koizumi and the team hadn’t really considered giving Mario a belly button until they heard the outcry from passionate fans demanding answers, so we shouldn’t expect the truth to come out anytime soon. Koizumi also refused to answer questions regarding Peach, Pauline, and Mario. “I would appreciate it if we could respect the privacy of those three at this time,” he said with a laugh.

Perhaps we will learn the truth in the animated Mario movie being produced by Illumination — or at least the true last name of Mario and Luigi.

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[Opening sale] The Bus Collection Part 1.7. Bullet Iwate express (RU6.3.8.AA swing-door car) (1.7.-9.) TOMYTEC [Tommy Tech] * – Sale Item

Hino Blue Ribbon ru6.3.8.AA is the letter of, veh?Articles of high speed that nacioe to integrate the RV/RS until in the anus. Tape Blue nicknamed this veh?ASS was resurrected. A billboard operators convirtioe in different types?Articles in the whole pa?s in the modern look it took charge of the structure of skeleton by the LD. This time, lleno-decker 6.6.00 mm Distance between axes in the previous type of exercise has been modeling. The total length of this product is about 8. cent?meters.

  • The Complete painting and assembly pre-bus model editorial Tommy Tech
  • The coleccioen autob s is a model railway N gauge (1/1.5.0 scale).
  • Other collections, also available as an accent to decorate the diorama.

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(Tommy Tech) Railway Collection Part 19 bullets BOX sale (1BOX10 pieces) TOMYTEC model railway N gauge iron Kore 130,327 – Bargain

Chapter 19 bullet, to model the 18M-class diesel car called NDC. To center the third sector, and is active in non-electrified routes around. ? (1) Tsugaru Railway 21-inch (Aomori Prefecture), (2) Akita inland railway AN-8800 form (Akita Prefecture), (3) Yuri plateau railway YR-2000 form (Akita) – (4) Sanriku Railway 36- 500 form (Iwate Prefecture), (5) Yamagata railway YR-880 form (Yamagata Prefecture) – (6) Hitachinaka seaside railway 3710 form (Ibaraki) – (7) Wakasa Railway WT-3000 form (Tottori) – (8 ) JR Kyushu Kiha 125 form (each prefecture in Kyushu) – (9) Matsuura Railway MR-400 form (Nagasaki Prefecture, Saga Prefecture) – (10) Shimabara Railway Kiha 2550 form (Nagasaki Prefecture) railway collection of painted N gauge size display is the model. By using the optional power unit, allowing you to travel as N gauge model railroad. Iron Kore power unit TM-23 18m class C new release! * The corresponding running of parts 19 series all models the (4) Sanriku Railway 36-500 (8) JR Kyushu Kiha 125 (10) is in Shimabara Railway KIHA 2550 TT-03R (black), (4) (8) (10) other than, please use the TT-04R (gray). All 10 species + secret 1/150 N gauge scale ¦ railway collection is a display model of painted N gauge size. ¦ By using the power unit (sold separately), you will be able to be run as an N-gauge model railroad. There are times when it is different from the actual product specifications and illustrations ¦. ¦ There are things that are not available in all types 1BOX by the inclusion of the manufacturer. Please purchase on who your understanding.

  • A little Montage painted
  • [] 1box 10 parts
  • [contents] 1/150 (N gauge)

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