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For Someone Very Special – Incredibly Cuddly Classic Bears From The Past Lucas – Medium – Best Selling Gift Present Idea For My First Birthday – Girl Girls Boy Boys Children Kids Child – Suitable For Age 3+ – Discount Price

SAFETY WARNING – Suitable from 3 Years. Please remove any tags before giving to any child.


  • Suki Gifts ‘Bears from the Past’ – Medium Lucas Bear
  • Soft plush traditional bear with beautiful Honey coloured fur and plaid ribbon around the neck
  • Weighted bottom and characterful face
  • Hand wash, air dry. Suitable from Birth
  • Size 12″ (30.5cm)

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Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

Will the mockery of Apple continue?

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It was the ad that took mockery to an exalted level. Released last November to coincide with the launch of the iPhoneX, here was Samsung wantin everyone to believe that it was the inventive brand, while Apple was the label of sad sheep and retrograde lovers. Samsung was, in its own eyes, first with just about every single development in phone design since, well, smartphones were invented.

Apple merely copied.

And late, too. With the Galaxy S9 being launched this week, will Samsung still be able to claim this? If you look at the teaser ads for the S9 that the Korean company released last week, they featured the camera, the camera and the camera.

Oh, and an emoji variant. Which some Apple faithful might think of as copying Animoji with a little twist. Oddly, this apparent emphasis on the camera and Animojis coincides precisely with what a T-Mobile salesman told me were the biggest selling point of the iPhone X: selfies and Animojis.

Is this what we’ve come to? Phone companies selling their devices by giving humans more ways to imaginatively express their self-regard? Of course, it may be that Samsung has some pulsating surprise that it’s saving for the February 25 launch day.

Yet the rumors collected by my colleague Justin Jaffe so far don’t point to a phone that will give Samsung a new reason to claim its (supposedly) obvious creative superiority over Apple. Yes, there might be a more entertaining unlocking tool or perhaps a virtual fingerprint reader, but will these be sufficient to add a new chapter to Samsung’s Apple-mocking? Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some might see an acknowledgement of an essential parity between the two brands in the naming of the new phone. It seems to be the Galaxy S9. Not, say, the S10.

Or even, to tweak Apple further, the S11. Is a 9 somehow slightly lesser than a 10? I mean, a X?

Psychology can play strange tricks on vulnerable human minds. Personally, I’d rather like Samsung to reveal something the rumor mills haven’t uncovered. There’s always something delightful about companies defying the constant online chatter, renderings and photographing of supposedly new phones.

Mischievous Apple-persons, though, might muse that the most enjoyable surprise for them would be if the S9 had a notch.

Ford GT sale puts John Cena in a legal cage match

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; manufacturers hate car flippers. A flipper is someone who somehow gets access to buy a very rare, expensive model and then turns around and sells it a short while later at a considerable profit. Some manufacturers go so far as to include clauses in the purchase paperwork forbidding owners from selling their vehicles before a certain period has elapsed.

It is just such a clause, or perhaps the lack of one, that is putting professional wrestler and actor John Cena into hot water with Ford.

Wrestling star John Cena is trying to flip his Ford GT and Ford is challenging him to a legal smackdown.

John Cena

Ford is attempting to sue Cena over his attempts to sell his brand-spanking-new Ford GT supercar. Being one of only 500 examples that will ever be produced, and with 6,500 applicants having attempted to get one, one would estimate that Cena’s car is worth substantially more than the nearly £500,000 that he gave Ford for it. Ford is claiming that in its original agreement with Cena, it forbade him from selling the car for a full 24 months after he took the delivery.

The purchase paperwork from the dealership makes no mention of a sales restriction, so now the whole thing is going to court and it could mean big money for other GT owners if the sale is allowed to go through. Just in case you forgot, the 2017 Ford GT is a twin-turbo V6-powered supercar with a carbon fiber body and active aerodynamics. Its Daytona-racer derived engine is good for more than 600 horsepower, and the car weighs around 3,000 pounds.

It’s the fastest, most exotic Ford ever — which is why the Blue Oval asked nearly half a million clams for it.

We’ll update this story as it unfolds.

These are Marks and Spencer’s bestselling trousers

Marks and Spencer have revealed that its Everywear Trousers are its fastest selling M&S style ever.

The Everywear Trousers are – as the name suggests – the perfect option for every type of occasion; from work to parties.

It has a slim leg cut, midrise fit and discreet pockets to fit and flatter every woman while being comfortable and stylish.

What’s more, the Everywear Trousers have been updated in a wide range of colours and prints to fit every season; from a staple black or navy to on-trend hot pink or colbalt blue.

M&S has confirmed that the brand has sold a staggering 200,00 pairs since its launch and continue to be a favourite amongst customers. Here’s some of the styles and colours available…

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Slim Leg Ankle Grazer Trousers in Black, GBP29.50 BUY NOW: M&S Collection Slim Leg Ankle Grazer Trousers in Navy, GBP29.50

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Slim Leg Ankle Grazer Trousers in Teal, GBP29.50

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Cotton Blend 4 Way Stretch Ankle Grazer Trousers in Black, GBP35 BUY NOW: M&S Collection Cotton Blend 4 Way Stretch Ankle Grazer Trousers in Dark Navy, GBP35

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Cotton Blend 4 Way Stretch Ankle Grazer Trousers in Toffee, GBP35

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Cotton Blend 4 Way Stretch Ankle Grazer Trousers in Winter Lime, GBP35 BUY NOW: M&S Collection Striped Slim Leg Trousers, GBP35

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Checked Ankle Grazer Slim Leg Trousers, GBP29.50

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Jacquard Ankle Grazer Slim Leg Trousers, GBP39.50 BUY NOW: M&S Collection Slim Leg Trousers in Cobalt, GBP35

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Slim Leg Trousers in Hot Pink, GBP35

BUY NOW: M&S Collection Cotton Blend Floral Ankle Grazer Trousers, GBP39.50 M&S Collection Everywear Trousers, from GBP29.50 to GBP39.50 available here and here. MORE: THIS BLUE HOBBS DRESS IS FLYING OFF THE SHELVES

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